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април 24, 2017


My name is Julika Novkova and I am a Personal Business Trainer and an Organizational Psychologist.
When people are struggling to run, develop and manage their own business, they need some extra help and advice to continue.

My job is to offer the best options for managing difficult situations, solving problems and getting along with critical situations. I am researching and developing business models and training programs, incorporating the latest psychological theories.
I lead individual sessions with freelancers, entrepreneurs and middle-level and TOP-managers, who are representatives of small and medium businesses.
For more than 10 years I have met great people and now they share their experience with the Personal Business Training.

Vladimir N., Sofia, BG

Expert in Social Psychology and Statistics / Expert Translator (BG-EN), and proofreader; Founder in Agency for translations “Rozeta 2009”

I endorse Julika for Business consulting, HR consulting, Business development, Counseling psychology, Personal training and Startup consulting. In addition, I should add that Julika is a great and trustworthy professional who really helped the development of my own career. With her support and help I became one of the TOP RATED freelancers on a competitive platform to People per Hour. I can only recommend her highly to every person who might engage her in a personal or professional development project.


Radha P., London, GB

Co-Founder in Palanquin Tea 

I endorse Julika for Business development. Few years ago, when my husband and I were looking to start our tea business, Julika played fundamental part in having a crystal clear idea of the tea range, which was to create an authentic tea range, a cheap ticket to visit far away lands, to be transported in a world of aromas. This later became our selling point as well. It was her and her questions that really helped us to know from the very start what we are doing and why. That was helpful especially in creating the box design. saved us a lot of money, time and efforts. Highly recommended! If of interest our tea range can be found @


Gabriela V., Sofia, BG

Co-Founder in Kuzmanov, Cenkov & Videnova 

I know Julika from about 10 years. She is amazing person and friend. As a psychologist she helped me to improve my problem solving skills and also showed me the value of seeking help when having problems with my 2 year old daughter. She is a therapists that can help kids and families cope with stress and a variety of emotional and behavioral issues.


Dilyana T., Sofia, BG

Founder in DollyBell

Имам малък бизнес от септември месец 2016г. Започнах го с много ентусиазъм, но без никаква представа с какво се захващам. Започна като хоби, но се разви с много бързи темпове – нещо, което не очаквах и не бях подготвена. Изключително благодарна съм на Юлика, защото тя ме подкрепи още в самото начало (разбирайте от първия ден). Указа ми не само морална подкрепа, но и ми даде много ценни съвети, които ми помогнаха в развитието ми като професионалист до днес. Благодарна съм и за това, че винаги мога да се обърна към нея при нужда и знам че няма да остави да се лутам .


Denitza K.,Sofia, BG

Private client

I endorse Julika for Business consulting, HR consulting and Business development.
Julika is always ready to offer fresh ideas, new points of view, creative way of thinking and unexplored options for business and skill development. She has the ability to build structured and clear realistic plans and to present them in a very understandable and intriguing manner.


Bilyana S., Sofia, BG

Founder/CEO/Owner в Webbicus

I endorse Julika for Business consulting, HR consulting, Business development, Counseling psychology, Personal training, and Startup consulting.
Julika is not just a coach, motivator or inspirer, for me she is a true friend. Julika has the perfect temperament for a personal business trainer: she is encouraging, honest, helpful, has ideas and she listens. She helps me to discover the way from my business idea to successful business. Now I feel more powerful and confident. Every time I talk to her it’s like putting on that comfortable pair of shoes you’ve owned for 10 years. I highly recommend Julika to any person or team looking to take their results to the next level.


Chris B., Sofia, BG

Private client

An adaptive and passionate consultant, has a strong set of professional and personal qualities. A lot of the advice I received from her, regarding non-verbal and behavioural communication held its ground against many of the issues I was encountering at each of the steps of my career development.
In need of a mental-sparring partner, be it idea-generation or plan-modeling, she has proven to be a reliable workforce in each of those processes.
Definite pleasure to know her.


Katerina T., Berlin, DE

Private client

I endorse Julika for Business consulting, Business development, Counseling psychology, Personal training and Startup consulting.
I never considered contacting a psychologist to help me improve my business. It rather happened by accident and now I’m very thankful to Julika for giving me that opportunity!
Julika helped me understand the essence of each and every business since we are humans and working with other people. She taught me psychological tools which improved my leadership skills, my emotional intelligence and thus my manager skills.
Currently, she is supporting me with valuable training on how to become a successful freelancer and develop my own business.
Together with Julika I created a strategic concept of defining all important psychological steps that would provide me with the necessary personal skills to establish any kind of business.
I worked hard to apply all methods and advice whenever I could think of the lessons learned. Now I’m more self-confident and know exactly what to do to reach my goals.
Thank you very much for the great consulting, Julika!
I appreciate the high quality of your work, your passion, and dedication to your profession! I could see that you are not satisfied with your work until you can witness the client’s success.
To anyone who wants to become a better businessman I would highly recommend this excellent psychologist. Let her show you how far you can get. 🙂

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