Kaloyan, H.

Online Psychologist Julika Novkova Feedbaks Testimonials

A mirror with a different and infinitely effective look – that’s what working with Juls` Psychology is all about for me.
Made by people for people Varrio Sport is a project that evolves dynamically and of course makes mistakes. The reflection of the actual situation through the eyes of a top professional like Juls gives a clear vision of the steps, goals, decisions and the way forward and upwards.
A business consultant and partner whose help has given us much personally and professionally.
My team and I are fortunate to work with Juls and take from the many constructive ideas he gives us.
When you have such support and see the result you realize how important and meaningful an investment you have made.
And most importantly – business is done with people with big hearts and energy. Thank you, Julika!