Online Psychologist Julika Novkova Feedbaks Testimonials

Julika is an exceptional professional who manages to grasp many details in very little time, to analyze the situation extremely accurately and to quickly get into the meaning of a case, problem or question. When I met her, I was inspired by her presence and was surprised how within a few lines of mine, she was already telling a familiar story to me without me having shared hardly anything. This left a lasting memory in my mind of her as an exceptional person and professional. I kept her as a calling card somewhere in my mind.

Years later, Julika shared invaluable tips and techniques to stimulate me to look forward, to sort out my life, my thoughts, my work, my emotions with ease! She is able to spend a person to quality flourishing in a short time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done for me! And good luck with everything you continue to do for people, businesses and the world!