About Juls' Psychology

Juls’ Psychology


If you are asking how you came here, that makes the two of us!

Sometimes I think that everything that I’ve been doing for the past several years, had led me here. Juls’ Psychology is my attempt to contribute to the common human knowledge. I would like to share my experience as a psychologist, certified personal and business trainer, lector and scientist.

What is Juls’ Psychology?

I had few simple ideas in mind when I first created my blog. They didn’t have any specific form, they were just lingering like an echo of the things I believe in.

First, I wanted to give you free access to multiple materials and texts in the field of Psychology. I have developed these personally and I strove to present them in a common and understandable language.

Second, I wanted to tell the stories of real people and their families who manage to be successful and ever-developing personalities in the same time. Lots of these families, who take care of their children at home, have their own business.

I believe that the women today can achieve everything they want with the support of her partner and close people. I hope that the people whom I will introduce you to here will prove this to you, and will inspire you to find yourself.

Third, I want to help you as a personal business trainer to start your own successful business, so you may live your life the way you want, and work the job that will make you truly happy!

The mission of this blog is to teach by experience, to show life through the prism of a human being, with his strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears, and emotions and faith.

This is how it all started; these were my “points of departure” and message.

Today, as you are going to see for yourself, Juls’ Psychology has its own body and soul, it exists and lives through all of you, your emotions, and the stories you share with me. The future of the blog is now in the hands of those who need it.

I see my role here in the same way as I do in my job as a personal business trainer – I am just the companion who will hold your hand on the path you have chosen  to walk. I am the mirror, in which you see your weaknesses and successes, both small and large.

Why now exactly?

I became a mother for the first time in the spring of 2015, and I decided to stay at home to take care of my little girl Eva. I think that in the last 10 years I’ve been so hectic and overwhelmed with work and projects that I wished deeply to have a calm, child-devoted motherhood, at least in the first few years of my child.

Still, it seems that I can’t cheat on my active, energetic, and lively nature. I’ve never stopped developing, learning, and self-perfecting even in this moment. This is how Juls’ Psychology was born.

As a psychologist, I know that there is no single unified model, which can be applied to and work for each and every personality or family. This is precisely why each person strives to acquire the most possible information from the most sources, so she can see the most points of view.

Not all stories published here can be applied directly to your needs, but probably they could serve as a good starting point on the road of achieving your personal goals.

I will be happy if you share your observations, knowledge, and experience with me. I am infinitely happy that Juls’ Psychology introduces me to so many amazing people every day.

Happy reading!